Adapting Objects

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​Connected objects are usually tied and personalized for a specific user.


If a connected object is touched and the touching new user wears, e.g., his own RF-ID bracelet, the connected object downloads a user profile and seamlessly adapts to the new user. The RF-ID can also be embedded into a smart watch.


• In its simplest implementation, an RF-ID type signal will couple a connected object with a given user that is associated to a profile when said user has touched said object.

• A user profile for that class of objects will be downloaded by the object and said object will be customized according to said profile. For example, imagine a phone that will change its associated user according to which user holds it.

• The patent application provides various examples of said connected objects: smart phones, cars, augmented reality equipment, handheld weapons.


​• Connected objects will be customized according to various parameters. Some of these parameters are in control of the user and some parameters are in control of one or more authorities retaining some control over the connected object.

• This is especially useful with connected objects that do not have an input output keyboard or control such as, e.g., augmented reality equipment. Or with objects that should be subject to some restriction in certain circumstances such as weapons.

Set boundaries and permissions

Personalize augmentation.