Intelligent Areas

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Traditional professional networking or dating relies on web applications solutions. However, only a meaningful personal relationship can accomplish the goals. People do not normally interact with strangers in common environments. ​“It is easy to get lost in social media networking and forget about traditional physical networking… However, they complement each other and require convergence”. (Prof. Denny McCorkle).


Dating - Imagine being matched to areas not only people. They system will attract complementary people to the same location at the same time. You and only your complementary souls will be able to discover where these are areas are located. There are going to be different areas for different kind of souls. Then it is up to you to find your soulmate.

Business - Users can discover and safely network in a vetted area (e.g. a business lounge or a Starbucks or a high end bar). New tools are provided: analytics of the area, collection of business cards of users in the area during an event, informal offices. The solution can rely on different technologies to define vetted areas. ​Instead of relying on the distance between two users, this solution provides vetted and predetermined environments (session areas or geofences or iBeacons) where users can interact. This solution enables a series of tools that were previously unavailable: e.g., automatic collection of business cards, notification zones, informal offices, analytics of areas.